Let’s start with an equation:
Vienna of Roslyn = Simply amazing!

If you are thinking of having a party on Long Island, I implore you to stop looking elsewhere as there is no comparison. My 60th birthday party was last Friday night, and over a week later,  I am still receiving positive accolades as if I were the one who made the party. But the reality is that my husband and I did not make the party, we  paid for the party (a very fair sum I may add). Vienna of Rosyln’s outstanding staff and recommended vendors made the party. They did everything for us. We just had to show up.   Ken (my husband) and I have stressful jobs with limited free time so we left my 100 + birthday party celebration in the capable hands of Matt and Chris. They, and their fantastic, energetic staff, did an outstanding job. They did not disappoint. Our friends can’t stop raving about the food and service. The salmon, sushi, pass arounds and lobster rolls were all an A+. To be frank, all the food was an A+. I only wish I had time to eat more, but I was too busy dancing the night away with their amazing choice of DJ. We asked the DJ for 1970s and 1980s music along with a cool light show and  that’s what I got. You have to love a DJ that actually plays the music you request.  Additionally, the dance floor was so rocking towards the end of the party that Chris opted to allow us a few more songs to celebrate, on the house.  This alone shows how dedicated the management and staff at Vienna of Roslyn is to making their clients and guests happy. We also have to give a shout out to Vienna’s terrific servers, bartenders, kitchen staff and workers. Everyone was friendly, outgoing and welcoming. No was not in their vocabulary. When our family or any guest needed something, from a drink to an extra piece of salmon, it magically appeared with a smile on the face of the server. If it sounds like I have nothing negative to state, that’s correct, simply because there was nothing that went wrong. The party exceeded my expectations; and as a 60-year-old Long Island Jew, you know I have high expectations!    I can only hope that one of our 100+ guests that comfortably fit into the Vienna of Roslyn’s cool lounge area will have a party at Vienna of Roslyn as I can’t wait to return. Otherwise, it will be for my next birthday as I am certainly coming back again!

-Carol & Ken Beal