Matt, I cannot begin to tell how AMAZING bella’s sweet was on Friday, April 7th! After months of invitation hunting, searching and scheduling vendors, looking for the right cake, picking the right theme, handling and coordinating travel situations, alterations, dress manipulations… It was such a breath of fresh air to walk into your venue the night of and right at the bottom of the stairs, Was your staff ready to grab things from the car and help us out before we even got out of the truck! Chris… to say amazing is an absolute understatement! His customer service is impeccable, in every which way shape and form! He handled every situation from the little ones to the extremely big ones – from a photo montage miscommunication (on my part) to just bringing a box up the stairs for me… everywhere I turned Chris and Julie were there to make sure I was enjoying the party too! To host a party, and then be able to enjoy it as much as I did at the Vienna, I actually felt like a red carpet celebrity! I’ve never in my whole life been able to host a party and enjoy it, but your venue gave me that opportunity. The DJ and MC were just fabulous to say the least! The kids didn’t stop dancing for a minute unless we told them to… and when we told them to it wasn’t just a complete direct order, it was a nice subliminal segue! Right from the very start, everything had such a great flow that I was completely in shock when I heard MC Bryan say “OK guys were down to our last 15 minutes… ” The time absolutely flew by! And as cliché as it may sound, they say time flies when you’re having fun… And besides my wedding, almost 20 years ago this was the second experience where I can actually say, this really did happen! Matt, I cannot thank you enough … from the minute we walked in to meet you and you just being so accommodating and showing us around, every little option, that we had, from mirror decals to pillows to stage preferences and lighting… you’re just utterly amazing!!! Even working with Dina on contract who by the way, is a complete godsend! Dina just helped me every step of the way, she was so helpful and understanding …. to the waitstaff, the chefs, people holding the trays and walking them around to everyone with big smiles on their faces, I can go on and on about how great your staff is that it seemed like you hand picked every single one of them just for my party because of how they were and how they interacted with all of our guests and with me! your venue is definitely one of a kind and I don’t think I’d ever find someplace like that again! Now I will be writing a glowing phenomenal review that isn’t so much written as a “thank you text” or should I say thank you novel such as this one… But I’m completely humbled by how wonderful each and everyone of your staff treated me and my family, and how they made Bellas special night more special than we could’ve ever imagined! I will be sure to let everyone I know, and in the world know how The Vienna separates themselves from any other venues out there… It almost felt like family was running the show for us because only family can handle the way your staff did! And I want to send a special thank you to Chris, to Julie, to Dina, to Jojo, to Austin, (who btw introduced himself to me, and he was absolutely one of the most professional young men I’ve ever met in my life… He surprised me being your son, because of his courteousness and professionalism, not saying that you’re not but to be as young as he is, and know what he knows and display what he displayed, he was just such a joy to be around) and especially you Matt because without you, there would’ve never been an open door for us to come there and experience the event we did… It was absolutely PERFECTION in every way and then some! Thank you for providing an event, a memorable sweet 16, one that we couldn’t even dream of at The Vienna of Roslyn. thank you for giving my daughter, the sweet 16 that she deserves, and dare I say, one that I probably couldn’t provide without you, matt or any of you!! Because of all of you, Bella sleeps with a smile on her face every night since that special night, and you guys are the biggest reason for that! you guys are the absolute best, and I will never forget what you’ve done for me and her! And I will make sure that everyone knows how wonderful The Vienna of Roslyn and every one in there truly truly is!