My husband and I had our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah at Vienna this past weekend. The party was perfect, and we could not have been happier.
Between the attention to detail, service, food, vibe , and atmosphere, the party turned out exactly how we wanted it. Once we booked , the attention to detail was obvious. I was in constant communication with our coordinator, Julie. When I had a question, I was responded to almost immediately. She was a pleasure to work with. Once at the party, the service was impeccable. The wait staff was constantly going up to our guests, asking how they can be of service. Food and drink requests were taken care of promptly. Chris the manager who was there during the party and he was helpful, cheerful, and very accommodating.
Many of our guests informed us how delicious the food at Vienna was – and they were correct! Since we didn’t get a chance to eat, a sample of their dinner was given to us a few days after the Bat Mitzvah. The food was delicious. The clubby vibe at Vienna was exactly the ambience we were looking for. Not only did the staff at Vienna deliver, but they also knocked it out of the park.

Thank you

Jodie and Michael Kirshenbaum