The classy, energetic, vibe of Vienna, inspired one hundred women comprised of educators, moms, friends & family, and school staffers, to come together on the dance floor for over three hours. This venue provides a party experience unlike anything the North Shore of Long Island has seen in many years. After the news broke that our annual LNO was to take place in an elegant, trendy, nightclub, our school ‘fun-raiser’ quickly became a ‘girls night out’ no one wanted to miss. Our guests were so excited after visiting the website. And once inside the space, everyone was transported to a unique, totally content, state of mind- it was relaxing, with beautiful lighting, delicious food was flowing, never a wait for a cocktail, servers ready and aiming to please, and the vibrant energy in the room, infectious. We all partied like it was 1999! The amazing DJ knew what to play without being told and every song was met with shrieks of excitement and hands in the air. The staff and quality of service at every turn was superb. From the moment I signed the contract, to ‘lights up’ at the close of the night, Chris and Matt were always on hand and accessible, to ensure every detail planned was executed perfectly. Chris was the ideal event manager and host-Enthusiastic, polished, and professional. Matt is running a five-star operation. I’ve never dealt with a more flexible and accommodating business owner in hospitality.  Both gentlemen, truly treated our guests to a night they will remember. I encourage anyone in need of an intimate, stunning, memorable, event space, to choose Vienna for their special celebration.