We met Matt on Friday, when we dropped off boxes of swag and decorations. I hadn’t met him before, and we really connected. He’s very proud of the venue, and it showed. As if we weren’t already ready for the party, he was completely helpful and put any last minute concerns to bed for us.

Saturday was just magical. The décor was beautiful. We kept things minimalist for Roslyn bar/bat mitzvah standards but it immediately felt lively and vibrant. The space was perfect.

Chris was just brilliant. We had guests with gluten free, vegetarian, kosher needs, and he was absolutely accommodating. Top notch service all around. Whatever last minute adjustments were necessary – he was amazing and easy to work with. The entire staff was just great. We felt as though all of our needs were completely taken care of. The upstairs bar was thumping all night, and the bar staff knocked it out of the park. Chris gave me some small batch bourbons and whiskies that were really tasty.

Every small request along the way – a grilled chicken for my mom, a gluten free pizza for Henry, and everything else – was totally seamless.

I’d rented out the bar during the party, and it while it got some use during the event itself, we took full advantage immediately after the party, with a lovely bartender (okay – admittedly I’m terrible with names) who smiled throughout and really engaged with my after-party guests despite working well past her normal shift. The Captain – his name is now slipping my fragile mind – was also just brilliant. He turned the pizza ovens back on and brought down two pies late into the afternoon that were the perfect icing on our cake. Every little detail was handled beautifully. We have lots of favors left over, and the staff packed up everything neatly for us to take home easily.

Chris and the Captain told me I gave the best speech they’d ever heard – I don’t know if it was flattery or not, and I’d be happy to send the text over as I mostly followed the script.

We are so happy with everything from the party and can’t say enough about how much we loved Vienna itself and the whole staff . It was absolutely perfect, and we are so so so thrilled we did our party there.