Thank you for an amazing day. My “daughter-in-law to be” was thrilled and the space seemed to be the highlight of the day. Everyone said they could not believe how amazing the space was… and how did we find it??  They were shocked they never heard of it. Of course you are the new game in town. I know there was talk already with Chris about the booking future parties.

The space was gorgeous, and elegant and hip…  and  so perfect for a shower. The set up of the room and the stations worked out great. Thank you Keith and Chris! The video screen was a huge hit for the ongoing montage and the food was awesome. Most of all – the staff was so sweet and attentive and made the party feel really polished.  Guests were shocked when I told them you don’t usually do showers.  But that of course will be changing. Something I hope we really laugh about in years to come.