From the moment we pulled up to Vienna with its amazing  LED lights glowing around the venue, to our first meeting with Matt, we were hooked. During the entire process, we were given a very personal touch and that made the experience so much better.  We never felt like we were bothering anyone with endless questions.  Then there was the party…that was the most incredible experience. All my daughter wanted was a night club feel and everyone dancing the entire night. And she got that and so much more. All the staff was incredible! Chris and Jenna were amazing leads and the rest of the staff was so invested in making sure everyone had an incredible time.  Boneshaker was great and Mike on lights was fantastic.  Echo was by far the absolute best keeping the party going and the guests moving. I can’t say enough about how memorable the night was and we have already recommended Vienna to so many people.  The food was delicious and plentiful through the night.  All the amazing little touches in decor and service was top notch. We can’t wait to see all the pictures Matt Shrek took throughout the night so that we can give more shout outs. Absolutely, hands down, one of the best parties I have ever experienced and it makes it so much more special that it was for my daughter’s Sweet 16! Thank you!

Gina Lazzara Colica