I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing bat mitzvah that I had at Vienna.  My guests literally cannot stop raving about how much they loved the venue and the food!!!  Everything was perfect!  (People are going crazy for your food by the way!). The setting, food, and service were impeccable.

I would also like to say that besides all of that, all of the people I came across at Vienna were extremely kind, patient, and understanding.  That really means the world to me, since having a bat mitzvah (especially as a single mom) is a wonderful but stressful event.  Your thoughtfulness and helpfulness means the world to me!

A huge thank you from my daughters and me to you on what really turned out to be an “epic night” for us!

P.S.  Matt, your son Austin helped me with bringing so many packages downstairs to my car when my feet were not working anymore!  He is the best!!!  What a lovely young man he is!!! Best wishes always to a wonderful team,