Entertaining Team Building Activities for your Next Corporate Event

Entertaining Team Building Activities for your Next Corporate Event

For corporate events, there’s no better way to bond and create camaraderie with a group than with team building activities. Whether you’re meeting with staff, networking or hosting any other kind of event, team building helps everyone learn about and become more comfortable with each other. So, to spruce up your next outing, we’ve compiled a list of some fun games to play with the group!

Strengthen Bonds with Team Building Activities

What’s My Name?

Although it goes by many different designations, “What’s My Name?” is the most common title given to this fun team building activity.

This game, which you might remember from a classic scene in NBC’s “The Office,” assigns a random name of a person—dead or alive—to each player. However, the name must be displayed on their back, forehead, or another part of the body that they can’t see.

The idea is that the players will go around mingling, treating each player as their assigned name. Every player is allowed to ask questions about their hidden identity until they guess it correctly. When successful, the activity can inspire empathy by showing what it’s like to be treated as someone else.

Two men shaking handsGame of Possibilities

Team building activities not only help the group acclimate with one another—they can also inspire some solid ingenuity.

How to Play

  • In the “Game of Possibilities,” you break up into equal groups and give each person a random object. From a beach ball to a comb, it can be whatever you want!
  • One at a time, each person in the group must go up and demonstrate an alternative use for that object without speaking. These uses are meant to be original, and possibly even wacky.
  • Then, the rest of the team must guess what the player is demonstrating.

Although this team building activity is sure to lead to lots of laughs, it is also used to stimulate creativity, individuality and innovation!

Team putting their hands in a pileSneak a Peak

Another one of the top team building activities for corporate events is “Sneak a Peak.” Ultimately, the goal is to recreate objects from memory with a team of at least four.

The Rules

After breaking into groups, a designated game leader will create structures for every group. A member from each group will then have 10-seconds to “Sneak a Peak” of the object. Then, they must relay what they saw to their teammates in order to imitate it. Whichever group recreates the structure first wins.

Not only will you be able to see how everyone retains information, but it will also help everyone with their project management skills.

Entertaining team building activities like these are what’s needed to take your next corporate event to the next level!