How Engaging Keynote Speakers can Enhance Corporate Events

Keynote Speakers

When planning corporate events, you want to create buzz and get as many people in the door as possible. However, there’s only so much people can take of the same old spiel about your company, directions and goals. That’s why so many people choose to use keynote speakers. In fact, here are some of the biggest benefits to hiring these event-enhancing … Read More

Sweet 16 Planning Tips for a Fun and Exciting Celebration

Sweet 16 Planning Tips for a Fun and Exciting Celebration

A Sweet 16 is one of the biggest, most important milestones in the life of a young girl. Therefore, why not pull out all of the stops and give your little girl the party of her dreams? But first, you need to begin planning. So, if you haven’t gotten a head start yet, check out these awesome Sweet 16 planning tips from a team that knows how to throw the biggest and best parties around!

How to Use Event Promotion to Market your Corporate Party

No one ever said that corporate event planning was easy. Even if the date is set and the venue is booked, you still need guests to show up. However, beyond a basic invitation, you need other tactics to get the word out. Therefore, check out these simple event promotion tips to help your party’s attendance skyrocket.