Sweet 16 Planning Tips for a Fun and Exciting Celebration

Sweet 16 Planning Tips for a Fun and Exciting Celebration

A Sweet 16 is one of the biggest, most important milestones in the life of a young girl. Therefore, why not pull out all of the stops and give your little girl the party of her dreams? But first, you need to begin planning. So, if you haven’t gotten a head start yet, check out these awesome Sweet 16 planning tips from a team that knows how to throw the biggest and best parties around!

Vienna of Roslyn’s Official Guide to Sweet 16 Planning

1.       Finalize the Details

First, before anything else, you must come up with a date, time and location for your daughter’s Sweet 16 party. After all, you won’t be able to send any actual invitations if the details aren’t set in stone.

Try to choose a date, time and venue that works for your guests to ensure the highest possible turnout. And don’t forget, most people don’t have Sweet 16s on their actual birthday, so there is a lot of flexibility available when choosing a date.

Lighting a 16th birthday cake2.      Compose a Guest List

Whether you’re inviting just family, friends or everyone in between, a guest list is a Sweet 16 planning essential. No matter who you decide to invite, it’s important to get an early estimate on headcount to determine if the party venue can accommodate everyone.

3.      Send Out Invitations

Once you’re gotten the party details and guest list figured out, you can officially move on to invitations. If you have a theme in mind, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate it into the invitations to get all potential guests in the party mood. Just make sure you go with whatever option best represents the birthday girl!

An invitation opening on a table4.      Choose a Theme

No good Sweet 16 is complete without the addition of an awesome theme. Therefore, ask the guest of honor what she has in mind and go with whatever works best with her. Having a specific theme in mind will also make the rest of your Sweet 16 planning that much easier!

5.      Planning it All Out

After the theme has been finalized, you can focus your Sweet 16 planning on finding the right décor, furnishings and activities for the party. Ideally, they should all relate to, or at least complement, the party theme or else it can get confusing. Just go with anything the birthday girl would enjoy, and you should be good from there!

Table with gifts and cake on it6.      Acquiring Party Favors

It’s not uncommon for Sweet 16 guests to leave a celebration with party favors. Whether they’re simply goody bags, sweets or just something related to the theme, you really can’t go wrong with any type of parting gift. Whatever you choose will be the cherry on top of an out-of-this-world party!

Sure, these Sweet 16 planning tips are all well and good, but when you book with us, you can rest assured that we will help you plan from start to finish!