Corporate Presentation Tips to Help Connect with Audiences

Presentation Tips

Corporate events come in many different shapes and sizes. However, there is usually one constant that can be found throughout: presentations. Whether it’s a guest speaker, PowerPoint, video, you name it, corporate events usually include some variation of it. So, in an effort to help your corporate event be the best it possibly can be, we’ve collected some key presentation tips to keep in mind.

Presentation Tips for your Next Corporate Event

Embrace a Narrative

There are few better or more useful presentation tips then telling a story. Believe it or not, narratives during presentations are a great way to add a human element to corporate events.

The ability to send a message through storytelling and have it resonate with your audience should not be undervalued. If you’re truly looking for the best way to connect with your audience, telling them an engaging, interesting story is the way to do it.

Person giving a presentation in front of a crowdPivot to Video

No one said that every corporate event presentation has to be boring. But due to the nature of some industries and topics, it does happen. So, if your presentation is a little on the drier side, use some video content to spruce it up.

Just try to ensure the videos are short and sweet, or else you risk losing your audience’s attention. When it comes to videos, less is usually more.

Projector projecting a videoAbandon the Podium

All too often, corporate speakers will rely too much on the podium they’re presenting from. And we’re here to tell you that isn’t always the savviest strategy.

Instead, try to engage with your audience by moving around and interacting with them. If your audience just wanted to hear someone talk, they would listen to a podcast. So, in a list of the best presentation tips, ditching a podium is right near the top.

A podium with microphonesKnow your Audience

In order to give a stellar presentation, it’s essential to know and understand your audience. From industry to location to position, knowing certain details ahead of time will help you compel and connect with whoever you’re presenting to.

Therefore, ensure that your speech doesn’t flop by doing a little research ahead of time. If you aren’t intimately aware of your audience, a little digging and a couple Google searches can go a long way.

For your next corporate gathering, try some of these presentation tips to get the most out of your audience and event!

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