How to Use Event Promotion to Market your Corporate Party

No one ever said that corporate event planning was easy. Even if the date is set and the venue is booked, you still need guests to show up. However, beyond a basic invitation, you need other tactics to get the word out. Therefore, check out these simple event promotion tips to help your party’s attendance skyrocket.

The Top Event Promotion Tips for Corporate Parties

Set Expectations

The first rule of event promotion is relaying party details. Whether you are using a website, event page, email or old-fashioned invitation, you always need to lay out relevant information for guests. From the time and date to the location and actual description of the event, these details are important. Without them, who would even want to attend in the first place?

Therefore, in order to increase the amount of guests in attendance, make sure that you present all of the right information and details well in advance.

Man opening invitationUse Email

A great way to promote your event is through email. If you have a list of invitees’ emails, you should send out relevant updates, reminders, promotional videos or really anything that might compel someone to attend.

Just remember, you don’t have to stop at just one email. Your goal is to remind and inform people without being too spammy.

Email on laptopBe Social

Many people don’t know this, but social media is also an incredible tool for corporate event promotion. Just like email, you can use it to post anything from updates and reminders to all kinds of promotional materials.

If you want to drum up anticipation a bit, you can even create a fun hashtag to use on event posts. Then, attendees will be able to use it when posting about the event as well.

Person on social media on phonePartner Up

Another way hosts have promoted their corporate event is by working with sponsors, partners or affiliates. Not only will this help your budget, but you might also open yourself up to a whole new, wider pool of potential guests.

By utilizing these savvy corporate event promotion tips, you will hopefully see more attention and buzz surrounding your party!