4 Bridal Shower Games and Activities for the Big Party

4 Bridal Shower Games and Activities for the Big Party

A bridal shower is intended to usher a bride into marriage while surrounded by friends and family. Therefore, what better way to celebrate than with some exciting, creative activities. So, if you’re throwing one anytime soon, be sure to include a bunch of these interactive bridal shower games.

Interactive Bridal Shower Games that are Actually Fun

1.      Gift Bingo

Everyone likes Bingo, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s also being incorporated into some exciting bridal shower games. In this version, all guests will receive a blank card. They will then be asked to fill in the squares with what gifts they think the bride will receive.

As gifts are opened, guests can mark off each box when they get one right. First one with five in a row wins, and the center square is a free. This classic game is great for entertaining and engaging guests while the bride opens gifts!

Bridal Shower Games2.      Photo Challenge

In this popular bridal shower game, you will need several photos each of the bride and groom throughout the years. The challenge then becomes for everyone to guess the bride or groom’s age in every photo. Whichever guest has the most correct answers wins. Not only is it simple, but you can expect a lot of laughs along the way!

3.      Vow Mad Libs

Writing vows is never easy, so try to help the bride out by crowdsourcing some ideas with Mad Libs. Each attendee will be tasked with creating their own personalized vows for the newlyweds.

At the end of the game, you can go around and read the funniest entries. Who knows, maybe the bride will even use the best one!

You can print out traditional vows and leave a few blanks for nouns, verbs and adjectives. Or, you can download one of these free Mad Libs templates for vows.

Bridal Shower Games4.      Wedding Movie Charades

Last but not least of the bridal shower games is Charades for wedding movies. Start by writing a few classic wedding movies on cards.

After dividing the guests into two teams, players will act out a title to their team who must correctly guess the answer in under three minutes. Although the team with most right wins, this game is all about the laughs!

Bridal shower games and activities are guaranteed to spice up your party and keep all of the guests engaged (and laughing)!